Pratiorva– Capturing Moments in Bytes “

Bets Doval-Pratioorva

Pratiorva– Capturing Moments in Bytes is hosted by a talented and passionate photographer Ms Bets Doval.

Bets Doval, the owner of “Pratiorva – Capturing Moments in bytes” was too keen for photography from the age of five. Taking snap was the only thing that fascinated her. She could click photos very efficiently at such a tender age. The first exposure to photography started with a basic Nikon film camera at family functions and family tours and continued to college fest. Photography eventually became her hobby. When she completed her high school and college she decided to focus on photography and explore the world. Bets Doval has now clicked pictures in various events of college such as in seminars, survey programs, fest as well as pictures for the college magazines. Apart from photography, she is interested in writing blogs, sketching, fine arts, reading novels, writing short stories, and poems.