Top 5 Plagiarism Checker Tools For Researchers 2022

Plagiarism is defined as the act of copying others’ ideas and claiming them as your own. Well, it’s not a good thing when you want your work to be unique and completely of your own. Plagiarism checker tools are meant for detecting plagiarism. And a best plagiarism checker tool should be able to detect quickly and efficiently. It should be able to detect the rearrangement of phrases and words as well as most people tend to do so.

Here is the list of top 5 plagiarism checker tools carefully curated for you, so that you don’t have to waste time trying to find the best one.

List of Top 5 Plagiarism Checker Tools To Detect Duplicate Content

1. Quetext

Quetext is trusted by more than 5 million students, teachers, and professionals when it comes to checking plagiarism. Quetext is not only one of the plagiarism checker tools but more. Although it is widely known for its plagiarism checker analyzer, it is also efficient in resolving writing issues as well as building citations. Quetext is loaded with plenty of useful features like DeepSearch technology. DeepSearch feature aids in replacing the word with better alternatives and also helps with correctly placing the word. Additionally, it analyzes the text in no time.

Quetext plagiarism checker tool

Pricing Plans:

Quetext is available for free, however, to unlock some specific features one has to buy the pro version with annual Plans. There are three pro plans namely Pro Basic, Pro Plus, Pro organization.

Free Plan:

  • The word limit in the free plan is only 2,500 which is more than enough for students.
  • The analysis of the text is contextual and scores are given according to the similarities found in a text when compared to others.

Paid Plans:

Pro  Basic:

  • It costs $9.99/ month and $69.00/year.
  • The word limit with this particular paid plan is 100k.
  • This plan offers deep search, Citation Assistant, Originality report
  • The source from where the text matches are also included.
  • Snippet Text is also included.

Pro Plus

  • It costs $19.99/month and $129.00/year.
  • Pro Plus plan of Quetext allows 250k words.
  • Most of the features are the same as that of Basic Plus.

Pro Organization

    • It costs $49.99/month and $499.00/year.
    • The word limit is 500k words.
    • Features same as other two paid plans.


  • It shows the list of websites and the words that match the text.
  • It is easy to edit the text after analyzing it.
  • The paid plan allows the users to download a copy of the results.
  • The history doesn’t get deleted, one can always find the previously analyzed text.
  • Quetext is a very easy-to-use tool. There are no ads to interrupt.
  • The tool is very fast in providing the result.


  • The search feature is very efficient in tracking down plagiarism.
  • Users can exclude URL addresses while checking for plagiarism.
  • Multiple files can be uploaded for analysis.
  • Users can signup quickly using a google account.


  • No app is available. The only web version can be used.
  • The free version has limited features.

2. Pre Post Seo

Pre Post Seo is a plagiarism checker tool with a full package of other tools as well. It has a ton of tools like Plagiarism Checker, Article rewriter, Paraphrasing Tool, Text Summarizer, Grammar Checker, Domain Authority Checker, Random Address Generator, 1469 Guest Posting Sites, Google Indexer, Image to Text, Backlink Maker, Binary Translator.

However appealing it sounds, we will stick to Plagiarism Checker. The concept behind it is very simple. It scans online available data and compares them with uploaded text and detects plagiarism. The plagiarism checker tool is equipped with an advanced algorithm that is capable of detecting copied or paraphrased content. The tool also enlists the link to the plagiarized sources. It can detect all kinds of plagiarism like Incremental, patchwork, and accidental plagiarism.

The plagiarism Checker tool of Pre Post Seo is very easy to use. All you have to do is copy-paste the text or select the file. Then click on the button “Check Plagiarism”. After plagiarism is detected it will show the Percentage of plagiarism content and unique content, the extent of exact phrase match and matched sources, readability of the text, word count, and the extent of paraphrased matched. More or less it covers all aspects of plagiarism

Prepostseo -plagiarism checker tool

Pricing Plan


  • The unregistered visitors can enjoy a word limit of up to 1000 words on the other hand registered users can enjoy words up to 1500.


Basic Premium Users:

  • It is the cheapest plan costing $50/year only.
  • The word limit is up to 5000.
  • It allows Deep Search, Unlimited user seats.
  • It is Captcha Free and provides 24/7 support.

Standard Premium Users:

  • It costs $150/per year.
  • The users can enjoy checking 15000 words.
  • It allows Deep Search, Unlimited user seats.
  • It is Captcha Free and provides 24/7 support.

Company Premium Users:

  • It costs $350/per year
  • The word limit is 25000 words.
  • It allows Deep Search, Unlimited user seats.
  • It is Captcha Free and provides 24/7 support.

Organization/ Enterprises:

The users can check an unlimited number of words.


  • Various types of files can be uploaded for plagiarism checking like doc, Docx, pdf, and txt.
  • Prepostseo also offers a Google Chrome Extension which makes checking plagiarism very simple and easy.
  • Prepostseo respects our Intellectual Property and is 100% safe to use.
  • The reports can be downloaded in HTML and PDF format. To do so just click on the Download Report button.
  • Plagiarism checker also has a paraphrasing tool that helps in making the content unique effortlessly.
  • It supports multiple languages including French, Dutch, and Spanish.
  • It offers both Android and iOS apps.
  • The tool is ideal for Students, Teachers, Researchers, Content writers, and bloggers


  • The tool comes with a plagiarism remover option that can help make content unique.
  • Both App and Google Chrome extension is available.
  • Prepostseo plagiarism checker is equipped with a deep search algorithm thus making it efficient.
  •  Respects IPR


  • The free version has ads that sometimes feel annoying.
  • The only paid version allows Chrome extension and app.
  • The paid version allows downloading of report

3. Plagiarism

Plagiarism  is the simplest tool for checking plagiarism. It requires minimal steps to check plagiarism. To do so paste the text and click on the “Check Plagiarism” button. Additionally, it also checks grammar. This plagiarism checker can be used for free, but it also has a pro version with additional features.


Pricing Plan


  • Costs $20 only.
  • The total number of words permissible is 72000.
  • This plan does not allow the addition of users.
  • $1 is getting you 3,600 words only.


  • Costs $50 per month.
  • The total word limit is 210000.
  • 4 more users can be added.
  • $1 is getting you 4200 words.


  • Costs $90.
  • The word limit is 540000.
  • 11 more users can be added.
  • This plan is getting you 6000 words for $1.


The custom plan lets you have features according to your requirement.


  • The online plagiarism checker is available in 12 languages.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Like other best plagiarism checkers, it is also equipped with Deep Search technology.
  • It supports multiple files.
  • It provides accurate results.
  • URL and file uploading option is also available for the Plagiarism checker.


  • Simple UI makes it easy to use.
  • It is an online platform, no need to worry about downloading it.


  • The website contains annoying ads.

4. Check Plagiarism

Check Plagiarism is one of the most popular online tools for checking plagiarism. It is used by students, teachers, researchers, and content writers as well. Checking plagiarism is very easy on this online tool. Just like Plagiarismdetector, select the text and paste it on the website. After doing so click on the button and that’s it.  The tool is very convenient to use and it’s fast and accurate also. A free version is also available but one can also buy it to unlock advanced features of this particular plagiarism checker tool.

Check Plagiarism

Pricing Plan

Yearly Plan

  • Costs $125/year
  • Allows 150000 search queries.
  • Unlimted user seats.

Monthly Plan

  • Costs $20/month


  • It supports multiple files at once. One can check up to 5 different files at once.
  • The online tool is easy to use and understand.
  • A WordPress plugin is also available.
  • The Pro version allows unlimited user seats.


  • Allows 15000 words per search for free.
  • It is safe to use as it does not save the text or document in databases.
  • Faster user experience


  • Contains ads

5. is the simplest plagiarism checker tool. It is just pasted and checked plagiarism mechanism. There is no need to log in or any kind of hassle. However, the best part is that it also shows how many % of your text is unique along with those sources from which the text matched. The tool displays the results very quickly. However if it’s the free version one might need to wait in the queue after pasting the text because it is first come first served. Others waiting in line before you will have their text checked first.

Pricing Plans


  • Costs 9.99 EUR
  • It allows 150 thousand of symbols


  • Costs 14.99 EUR
  • It allows 300 thousand symbols.


  • It costs 34.99 EUR.
  • It allows 1 million symbols.


  • Costs 59.99 EUR.
  • Allows 2 million symbols.


  •  Costs199.99 EUR
  • Allows 10 million symbols.


  • The results are accurate and of high quality.
  • It uses advanced technology to detect plagiarism.
  • The tool even detects plagiarism even after the rearrangement of words.
  • The advanced technology is so advanced that it does not even miss the changed cases and tenses.


  • Easy to use.
  • Simple steps to check plagiarism.
  • Cheaper plans


  • The free package can be used only once.
  • plagiarism checker tool does not show the words which are matching from other sources, instead just shows the percentage.



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