The Best Online Resources for Learning Photography in 2022

 Best Online Resources for Learning PhotographyThanks to Tim Berners-Lee learning anything is just a few clicks away from us. What cannot be learned from the internet? Almost everything. Anyone can master the skills of photography online. Nowadays there are infinite online resources for learning photography available. Most of them are free, however, there are free websites or Youtube channels that can help you enhance your skills.

These online photography courses are for both newbies and amateur photographers. Learn new tricks and polish your skills through various online resources carefully curated for you. Go through all of the courses for learning photography and choose which one works the best for you.

Happy Learning.

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What are the online resources for learning photography?

1. Creativelive

online resources for learning photography website-CreativeliveCreativelive is a website that provides a variety of courses for learning photography. It was initially started by Chase Jarvis and Craig Swanson. The initial idea was to conduct workshops but eventually, it lead to one of the best online resources for learning photography. Creativelive contains about more than fifteen thousand curated classes taught by more than 650 instructors from all over the world. The website has become so much popular among online resources for learning photography that more than ten million students have signed up for the classes.

The intriguing thing about Creativelive is that it contains a vast range of channels for online classes for different subjects. However, when it comes to photography courses, they have covered almost everything needed. There are tons of tutorial videos like “Adobe Lightroom Classic CC: The Complete Guide” along with videos like “Fundamentals of Photography“.

Creativelive also has videos on light and how it affects the photograph clicked which is what I personally find attractive. The courses are worth watching. However, there is no free excess to all the gold in the mine. A Price has to be paid. Creativelive comes with two kinds of subscriptions, one is for buying the particular class and the other one is buying the subscription. A class includes more than 200 lessons almost covering all the topics pertaining to a particular class.


  • Creativelive is also available as an app for Android and iOS.
  • You can watch the classes for free during live sessions.
  • The courses are taught by the best teachers from all over the world.
  • You can have your money refunded within 30 days if you don’t like the courses.


  • They don’t offer formal accreditation.

2. Coursera

online resources for learning photography website-CourseraCoursera is one of the best online educational platforms. It offers a wide range of courses ranging from Data Science, Business and of course Photography. Coursera is different from other online learning platforms as it provides you with a professional certificate recognized by an organization. The special courses in Photography are offered by Michigan State University. This means that at the end of the course you will receive a shareable Certificate, the best online learning resource for learning photography for a reason.


  • The courses are available in English with subtitles in different languages.
  • No prior experience is required to enroll in photography courses.
  • One can set up their own schedule with flexibility in deadlines.
  • The courses offered are 100%online.
  • Projects are assigned to students.


  • Coursera does not provide a free trial.

3. Popular Photography

online resources for learning photography website-popphotoPopular Photography is a website that contains tons of videos and articles aiming to enhance photography skills. They cover almost all the topics including the tools used in photography with the techniques used in photography. Additionally, the articles are very intuitive as they are attractive and engaging. It isn’t like going through a bunch of boring combinations of words. The articles are so engaging that anyone not interested in photography will end up learning it.

Popular photography also goes by the name PopPhoto. The online resources for learning photography cover top camera brands, their reviews, tips, tricks for enhancing the images, and more.


  • PopPhoto covers a wide range of topics about photography.
  • It is loaded with news about recent camera gears.
  • The website also includes tutorials about videography.


  • App is not avialable
  • It is more like a blogging website not like a teaching/learning platform.

4. Digital Photography school

online resources for learning photography website-digiital photogaphy schoolDigital Photography School provides free as well as paid tutorials about digital photography. It is one of the best well-known communities among photographers. However, it’s not a professional learning platform instead it is a website providing tons of articles on how-to tips regarding photography. The website also contains a portfolio of photos shared by the photographer community.


  • The website contains neat categorization of learning photography.
  • They also provide ebooks.
  • You can choose the type of photography you want to master.


  • The courses are limited.

5. Tutsplus

tutsplusTutsplus is a learning platform with different courses ranging from computer skills to photography skills. The website also contains tutorials for videography. There is instructors expert in their fields imparting their knowledge. They cover almost all topics related to photography. Additionally, they also cover editing apps. Sometimes it’s the editing that makes your photo stand out from others.


  • They offer lessons by categorizing them into three categories: How to Tutorials, Courses, and Guides.
  • It is easy to navigate and search for the perfect course you want to learn.
  • Most of the courses are free and also you can download the resources after paying.
  • How-to Tutorials are available in different languages.


  • Lacks the app

6. Udemy

udemyUdemy offers more than 185 thousand courses. It is one of the best online platforms for learning Photography. Udemy provides courses about all kinds of photography including Digital Photography, Portrait Photography, Commercial Photography, and other types of photography. The best thing about Udemy is you get to learn in-demand skills. And also you can learn according to your own schedule.


  • A wide range of photography courses is available in this online resource for learning photography platforms.
  • The app is also available.
  • Experts are there to teach photography.
  • It is not just a blogging website but a real learning platform with video courses.


  • The courses are expensive.

So, these were some of the best online resources for learning photography that could really spike up your photography skills. Feel free to suggest any particular online learning platform for photography you have in your mind in the comment section.



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