A Free Stock Photo or A Public Domain Image, What it is?

Everyone loves using pictures in every article but sometimes using pictures for your blog can become hectic work if the pictures are not free, you have to give credit to every image. The worst part here is your blog might get deleted if you use royalty images which are of course not free, you have to buy these images for commercial use and these are valid for some period of time. The easiest and best solution for this is to use a free stock photo or public domain image. many of you might not be knowing about this, so here Pratioorva brings a piece of detailed information and helps you guys to know which sites offer free stock images.

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What is a public domain image or Free Stock Photo?

A public domain image is a photo, clip art, or vector whose copyright has expired or never existed. Anyone can use free stock photos for personal and commercial purposes.

In simple words free stock photo or public domain images are:

  • Free images
  • easy  download
  • use anywhere in any form
  • No need to give credits to the owner
  • No copyrights 
  • The easiest and simplest way to get access to the best photos without any hurdle.​

Where to find free stock photos online?

There are hundreds of websites with free stock photos. One can easily download them with zero efforts and use them for personal or commercial purposes.

What are the best free stock photo sites?

Out of hundreds of Free Stock photography websites here are the best of them:


pexels free stock photo site

The images in pixels are free for use without giving any credit to the photographer or owner. We can modify the picture, but some limitations, such as the free stock photo should not be offensive. The photographers may not appear in a bad light. Other brands are not be implied and can’t be sold or redistributed in other stock photography sites. We can use pictures from pixels on websites, blogs, apps, marketing material, and social media to promote products.

2. StockSnap.io

stock snap io free stock photo site

The images in StockSnap.io are licensed CCO. That allows us to download the image, edit it, and use it for personal and commercial purposes. The photos are easy to access with the categories tab. There is also a download button for an easy and hassle-free download.

3. Unsplash

unplash free stock photo site

Unsplash allows a worldwide copyright license to download, modify, and use photos. The Stock photos from Unsplash are free, and we can use it for personal or commercial purposes, without permission from the photographer or Unsplash. However, the license does not include the right to replicate the photos and resale them in any way.

4. Pixabay

pixabay free stoc photo site

Pixabay provides free images that are easy to download. All photos are license under Creative Commons CC0, i.e., is all the images are free to use and edit but can’t resell in any way.

5. Gratisography

gratisography free stock photo site

We can use Gratisography pictures for both personal and commercial projects. Modifying the images is allowed, but we cannot redistribute free stock photos on other stock photography sites. No one can use Gratisography pictures in pornographic, criminal, defamatory, hateful, degrading, unlawful, immoral purposes or promote or sell illegal drugs, drug use, pornography, weapons, or prostitution.

6. Picjumbo

Free stock images from Picjumbo have no watermark, and all photos are free of charge.

7. Life Of Pix

life of pix free stock photo site

Life Of Pix offers free high-resolution photos with no copyrights restriction and can use the free stock photo for personal and commercial purposes. But we can not distribute the images in mass.

8. Pratioorva

pratioorva free stock photo and blog site

Pratioorva is a new website containing free stock photos, free to download after editing it. No need to mention credits, but this kind gesture is appreciated.

9. Freestocks.org

freestocks. org

All photos on freestocks.org are free and licensed under CC0 (Creative Commons Zero). However, the website doesn’t allow the Redistributing of pictures on other free stock photo websites without permission.

10. Picography

picography- free photo site

We can use free stock photos without any credits. All free stock photos are CC0 licensed.



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