Product Photography- A Beginner’s Guide In 2022

Product Photography of face ProductPhotography has taken a flight towards being the most popular and one of the promising career opportunities. Like other forms of art, Photography also requires creativity and artistic sense. To be specific photography is also a form of art that shows off your skills on how good you are with presenting something as dull as a broken old shoe into a masterpiece. Photography is all about angles and using the reflection of light at your convenience. Once you master in doing so, Poof! you have a beautiful photograph to flaunt.

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Out of all types of photography, we are here to talk about Product Photography. Among your group of friends, if you are the one everyone looks up to for a satisfying click, Product Photography can lead you a long way. Since the concept is new we are here to help you with an enlarged guide for product photography with the help of which you can be the photographer you wish to be.

Let us get started.

What Is Product Photography?

Green-Olive-Bottle- Product PhotographProduct Photography is a particular type of photography that is mainly for commercial purposes in which the object is portrayed as attractive and unique. The main aim is to attract the consumers or customers towards the product by looking at the artistic image of the product. The product can be of different types ranging from edibles to hair products.

One might think why to emphasize the word “Product” on product photography, but you will be amazed to know that product photography is quite different from traditional ones. In product photography, it is very important to capture the product in an artistic as well as in a realistic way. It will be of no use if the resultant image does not look appealing. After all the main objective is to attract buyers. In one sentence “The product should sell”. Additionally, the image also has its worth. A photographer can also sell the image which further can be used in blogs or articles like this, or magazines or catalogs. One can also find these kinds of photos in front of the grocery stores advertising their luscious green veggies or in the menu card of a Coffee cafe advertising a steaming cup of coffee.

On the other hand, traditional photography does not require a product or object specifically. The whole world is the canvas. Anything can be captured in any way one would like to click. There is no room for a realistic term.

What Are The Types Of Product Photography?

Studio Photography

Studio photographyIt is very simple to decipher that Studio Photography must have something to do with Studio. The images are created in-studio in which the objects are portrayed most appealingly and simply. Then, the image is used for advertising the product. The unique feature of Studio photography is that the image is always similar to the actual product. Additionally, this is not the genre for flaunting your photography skills as there is little you can do. The goal here is to make the image as similar as possible when compared to the actual product. All you can do is a little tweak in the background or in shadows to shift the entire focus on the product you wish to sell.

White background Photography

White background Photography with LightsIn White background Photography, the product is the only thing that is seen in the entire image. This kind is mostly found on shopping sites. The product won’t sell if the eyes get attracted to other things except for the product. So, white background is usually preferred to make the object look clean and sleek.

Set or Group Photography

Group Photography of products includes Wine, Noodle, Creame, FacewashSet or Group Photography is specifically for that kind of product which have alternative uses or they are complementary goods. The images show different uses of the product and also why the set of products is to be purchased instead of a single product. 

Comparative or Contextual Photography

Comparison between Cupcake With Chocolate and Cupcake With StrawberryComparative or Contextual Photography is usually preferred when it becomes necessary to show the size and color of the product. Sometimes it becomes difficult for the customers to judge how big or small the product is. Additionally, the product is available in different sizes which doesn’t help either. To avoid any kind of illusion, comparative or contextual photography is used. The main object is placed with other objects so that the main object would look appealing as well as hotcakes.

LifeStyle Photography

LifeStyle Photography of women with bicycle on beachSome products are associated with lifestyle. Such types of products are portrayed in the real environment so that the customers can relate. They end up having a strong desire to buy the product. These kinds are used in fashion, decoration, interiors of the living room, and traveling thereby promoting a brand or a specific kind of lifestyle. The images quickly catch the eyes of those people having the similar taste or the people who desire to have the same.

Things To Keep In Mind While Clicking Pictures For Product Photography

  • Clicking Photos doesn’t need necessarily expensive gadgets, a simple camera phone can do.
  • Play with light to make your photos look cooler than others.
  • Keep the background blurry with real-world canvas or you can use a simple monochrome background.
  • Add a source of light if necessary.
  • Make sure that the product or object is free from any kind of noise.
  • Make sure that you click plenty of shots to get the perfect one.


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