Tips and Tricks for Mobile Photography-2020

Mobile Photography- Tips and Tricks

With the increase in technological innovation, especially in the mobile phone, it enables us to do most of the work, including mobile photography. Clicking photos with a primitive camera has always been an uphill task, especially with fixing and changing the lens according to the condition and the type of image you want to click. But with the invention of camera phones, clicking photos has become a piece of cake. No more laborious work, take out your phone, open the camera application, and start clicking pictures just like that.

Clicking a photo is easy and quick in the case of mobile photography. But, clicking a good picture with the perfect setting, mobile photography angles need some tricks and tips. Moreover, there are various mobile photography editors which make photography simple. These tips and tricks not only enhance your photo but also make them stand out.

Pratioorva brings some amazing tips and tricks for you.

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Tips and Tricks for Mobile photography

1. Keep Your Phone Stable

 Keeping the phone stable makes the photo sharp and clear. To avoid blurry images, you can follow some tricks, such as keeping your posture correct. You can click using the volume button for convenience. In Samsung galaxy phones, you can customize the click button to where your finger reaches and is comfortable with clicking pictures easily or you can use tripods.

2. Avoid Using the Zoom Feature

Zoom Photography

I recommend not using zoom features while clicking with bare hands as the phone needs to be stable, or you will end up with blurry and noisy images. If you have a tripod for the phone’s stability, you can use the zoom feature and do not forget to use a remote for clicking pictures so that you do not shake the phone.

3. Using Light

using light mobile photography

The smart use of light can make the image stand out. Look out for the light source and try to frame it to improve your mobile photography skills.

4. Keep Your Lens Clean

Image clicked with a clean lens will always be better than a lens full of dust and oil. Click here to know about camera lenses

5. Experiment with Reflecting Surface

reflection mobile photography

You can make your image stand out by a little work with reflecting surfaces. The photos will turn out to be abstract, which will be liked by all. The image will be eye-catching also.

6. Symmetry


Look for symmetry if you have a landscape and a subject. The balance in your image will enhance it and will look better than the image without asymmetry.

7. Pattern


Patterns are another way of making your shot extraordinary. Look for patterns and give them a place on your screen.

8. Leading Lines

leading lines

When clicking a subject, leading lines can increase the focus on the subject. The leading lines will help the viewer by showing the eyes of the subject

9. Manual Mode

using manual mode mobile photography

Using manual mode allows you to change the ISO sensitivity, focal length, and aperture, which you can set according to your subject’s conditions. Manual mode can enhance your image and will look attractive.

10. Rule of Third

Pexels Photo

Using gridlines of 3 by 3 is a boon to photographers as they can help properly position the subject.

11. Background Blur


background blur

 Background blur is another pro-tip for mobile photography. The background blur will make the subject appear beautiful and well-focused.

12. Using a High Dynamic Range

using HDR

Enabling the hdr in your camera application can balance your image perfectly and make it look bright.

13. Managing Shadows

using shadows

An image with a well-managed shadow can make your photo unique and eye-catchy.

14. Focus

If the subject is not well focused, the image may turn blurry. Out of focus images will look worse than a right focus image.

15. Perspective


Perspective can play a creative role in photography. A little change in attitude can make your image stand out.


Seema is a photographer as well as a blogger who also likes to write articles on photography and tools.

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