10 Best Online Platforms to Promote a Website/Product

10 Best online platforms to promote a Website/Product

In the times of Covid-19, everyone has been confined to their homes, and of course, that led most of the people towards entrepreneurs. If you own a brand new website and you know nothing about how to promote your website or how you can attract more visitors to your website. Out of all online platforms, we have listed the best online platforms to promote a website/product. All online platforms are for different purposes and differ from each other. It is recommended to use all of them.

You can make your profile on these platforms and can share your store on it. You can get feedback and suggestion on these platforms and most probably be the first user also. I have mentioned DA, PA, and Spam Score so that you can have an idea of how effective these platforms are.

10 Best online platforms to promote a Website/Product

1. Indie Hackers

Indie Hackers is best for entrepreneurs and people who are developing their side projects. This is one of the best online platforms to promote a website/product. You can share your story, and you will get a good response that may get some users and good feedback for your product.
DA: 53
PA: 53
Spam Score: 4

indie hackers


  • You can share Your achievements on this platform
  •  It allows you to share Podcast related to your platform/ product
  • The best online platforms to promote a website/product lets you submit your store to this platform and can get lots of visitors interested in the product on your website
  • You can join communities according to your niche and interact with community members and read shared stuff so that you can have an idea of what’s going on in the market.

2. Hacker Noon

Hacker Noon best for the person who is from the technology industry. This is because the online platforms to promote a product/Website let you can share your opinions and experience here.

DA: 85
PA: 61
Spam Score: 1



  • The best online platforms to promote a website/product provides the platform to interact with the same minded people in the community
  • You can share your blog on the Hacker Noon platform
  • It also allows you to follow another famous blog that performs well on this platform and can create some type of content.
  • You can share how your startup idea worked and how it is performing.
  • And also, you can share your strategy on this platform that will give your high reach.

3. Entrepreneur

This community is available on Reddit and can help you resolve problems related to your startup/business. It is because there are many individuals who are currently running a business/ startup and are facing many problems. If you seek collaboration, this is the platform for you.

DA: 91
PA: 73
Spam Score: 3



  • It allows you to share your startup store.
  • You can Get suggestion from experienced entrepreneurs on this platform
  • You can share the strategies you have followed to boost your sales and can ask for more suggestions.
  • Additionally, this is the best online platform to read some wonderful experiences of other entrepreneurs which can help you implement their strategies on your product.

4. Product Hunt

Product Hunt is the best website for a person to publish products and search for new products. It provides comments on products and can upvote if you like the product. It’s somewhat like Reddit.

DA: 66
PA: 88
Spam Score: 2

product hunt


  • You can launch the product here
  • It is the best platform to get a review for your product and services
  • You can search for other product and their alternative for your platforms.
  • You can get an idea who are your competitors because most of the products are here.
  • Product Hunt provides you the facility to promote your product with the paid campaign and get a potential client at your platform
  • You can Show Product hunt ratings on your website, it helps in the trust-building of visitors.

5. Datatau

It’s alternate to Hacker News. You can submit your blog and article and can ask questions with comments. There lots of professionals there who can answer your question. The only problem is you need a Twitter account for it.

DA: 66
PA: 88
Spam Score: 2



  • Datatau is similar to Hacker News provides you a platform to share your blogs.
  • You can ask Question with comment from Datatau to get answers
  • Account approval on Datatau is immediate hence you can share your Question and blogs, on the other hand, Hacker News provide you access after months of waiting for approval.

6. SaaSHub

This is website can give you excellent traffic if you publish your SaaS-Based product here and if you are looking for a product alternative SaaSHub is the best platform. You will get 10+ alternatives to any platform.

DA: 26
PA: 43
Spam Score: 9



  • SaaSHub is one of the best platforms to promote SaaS-based platforms.
  • You can list your product here and gets interested visitors on a website
  • You can collect Reviews for your Product on this platform
  • You can promote your product using a paid campaign on SaaShub
  • You can get the best alternative i.e. your competitors

7. Good Firm

It is one of the best research & review websites for its companies & software. You can find different software, service provider, software, free resource. It provides a platform for discussion. You can get reviews here by listing your product here and get a certificate from here.

DA: 51
PA: 54
Spam Score: 5

good firm


  • You can List your Product on Good Firm
  • You can find the best product, service here
  • You can get a review for your product and services.
  • It provides an alternative to any product that can help you find potential competitors for your Product/services

8. Clone Script

If you are providing software similar to any other software which already establishes you can register here as a clone of that product. This one of the best online platforms to promote a Website/Product can bring lots of traffic to your website and can get a lead also.

DA: 19
PA: 35
Spam Score: 1

clone script


  • You can list your Product on clone script if you provide an alternative famous solution or similar solution for small and medium businesses.
  • This platform is also useful because you can publish different posts for the different solutions you are providing on your platform. For example, you are providing clones of a food delivery app and a cab booking App. You can Post different posts for a different solution so that it can easily attract interested people to your website.

9. Clutch

Clutch is a rating and review website. It is one of the best leading IT, marketing, and business services companies. It is a data-driven field guide for B2B buying and hiring decisions.

DA: 63
PA: 59
Spam Score: 17



  • You can list your product on this best online platform.
  • Clutch is the best Review Website, you can collect reviews here
  • Clutch provides batches for best-performing platforms, you can show this batch on your website. It creates trust among users and visitors about your brand.

10. G2

Last but not the least, G2 is one of the best online platforms to promote a website/product for rating, and it also provides the best alternatives for software based on their ratings. Some website mentions G2 ratings on their website. It provides authority to your website.

DA: 67
PA: 58
Spam Score: 28



  • Leading Review platform in the market
  • Provide best alternate with reviews on its platform
  • You can show G2 link on your website and ask visitors for review on your platform
  • The higher review gives you an edge over your competitors on G2 hence you can get good traffic from G2
  • G2 is a very popular website among users also if you work on your review well you can get the most out of the G2 platform.


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